Noverox® anti-corrosion, rust prevention, rust removal, rust treatment, rust converter and rust repair

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Noverox can be applied directly to rust. One of the major advantages of noverox is the guaranteed ability of the patented noverox system to STOP THE RUSTING PROCESS completely and permanently.

Years of feedback from the owners of buildings, property consultants and applicators enable us to pass on customer-specific experiences in our documentation.

Noverox is applied to rusted iron components and stops the corrosion process durably. The rusted surfaces are penetrated by noverox and rendered inactive. After treatment with noverox they protect the underlying iron/steel from attack from rust.

For long lasting rust protection, simply apply noverox on rusted surfaces. Once applied, it interacts with the rust and chemically transforms it into stable black compound. Rust then remains neutralized. The black barrier seals out air and moisture to prevent new rust from forming.

A simple and proven way to protect your car and other objects from the never ending progression of corrosion. noverox Ax Formula Anti-Rust does NOT contain pollutants such as lead, zinc chromate’s, mineral acids. It is NON-FLAMMABLE. Will not damage painted surfaces and is not aggresive.


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