Belzona repairs, protects, and improves your equipment to have a longer lifespan and improved performance while reducing downtime and expensive unnecessary cost. Cracks, vibration, chemical, weather, high-temperature, pressure, corrosion, cavitation are erosion are a few of the most crucial problems we are face in maintaining our equipment. Belzona comes with a great solution for you. Contact our sales representative for more information.

Belzona Application Comparison

Realize The Power of Belzona
Before Forming and Rebuilding
After Forming and Rebuilding
Before Wet Cylinder Linear Refurbished
After Wet Cylinder Liner Refurbished
Before Tank external protection
After Tank external protection
Before corrosion under insulation barrier
After corrosion under insulation barrier
Before Pump casing coated for protection
Before Cold plate bonding on tank
After Cold plate bonding on tank