PT McQuay Tritunggal Pratama

We are a general contractor that specializes in HVAC System, Heat Pump System, Electricity Saving System, Epoxy Coating Material, and Water Wellness System. In God We Trust is our motto. We believe that we can give our best service to customers. Our qualified technicians, management and customer service team operate with pride and integrity while maintaining conscientiousness and staying detail oriented. We make sure the task is completed in a timely manner. With a comprehensive product range, expert human resources and a passionate desire to be your partner, we will provide you with the best solutions for your business activities. When you win, so do we!

MasterCool Partnership

Mastercool network company has achived its national success by delivering great value to its customers. Mastercool’s franchise system is built on the belief that we can only achive success if our franchisees are successful first. Therefore the franchisees’ success is our main goal.

Our Partners

We grow together with our partner